Posted February 3, 2006 by 18years
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I passed by Panasonic in Salmiya today and I couldn’t believe what I saw … THE FUCKING PAUL STANLEY KISS GUITAR!!!! The actual Ibanez model used by Paul Stanley of KISS was there for sale, for just 300 KD. I’m thinking of how to get that sorta money at the moment. What can I possibly sell???

Remember, donations for the musically needy are always welcome 🙂


KISS and Jimi Hendrix

Posted February 3, 2006 by 18years
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I passed by Virgin Megastore after lunch. Picked up these 2 CDs:-

  1. KISS Dynasty
  2. Jimi Hendrix Live At Berkeley

Highly recomended listening material…

Asha’s Indian Restaurant

Posted February 3, 2006 by 18years
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Well, we ended up going to Asha’s today for lunch. For those of you that don’t know, it’s the indian restaurant at Marina Crescent. The seating was nice on the inside, though it did smell a little funny. I prefered the outside seating. The weather around lunch time was nice. Ofcourse, I was bothered by my little brothers’ incredibly childish and embarrasing behavior. The food was good, but not nearly as spicy as I anticipated for an indian restaurant. I had Chicken curry and saffron rice, was pretty good.

Although, one thing that pissed me off was how long it took for the food to get on the table. Could’ve taken a bath and came back. Also, the menu decribed VERY little about what they were serving.

Generally, it was a good restaurant and I had a good meal. The final verdict:-

4 out of 5 stars!

Harley Davidson RIP-OFF

Posted February 3, 2006 by 18years
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I am sick and fucking tired of all these Japanese companies ripping off the classic American Harley Davidson motorcycles. Born in the USA, stays in the USA. They just don’t feel the same you know. This is the Kawasaki ripoff of the Harley Davidson.

Non Anonymous Proxy Source

Posted February 3, 2006 by 18years
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If anybody out there wants to surf the net anonymously for whatever security reason, try using a non anonymous proxy. Does the same as any other proxy, except you can access sites that require passwords or registrations. I used proxies from this list and 90% of the time they work just fine. They come from all over the world, so pick whatever looks appealing to you.

Going Out

Posted February 3, 2006 by 18years
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I’m going out in a bit. I hope I’ll find something interesting to take pictures of and post. Since I’m gonna get lunch I’ll probably write up a lunch review, though I doubt it’ll be interesting. Damn kids, all they want is fast food. Remember, I’m 15 and stuck with kids for the day … Blah …

Anybody Interested In A Carlos Santana Painting?

Posted February 2, 2006 by 18years
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I bought this painting from Boston about 7 months ago. I got it from an old Korean guy who used to sit there and paint all day at a little stand in a local mall. Its an oil pastel painting of Carlos Santana, still in the plastic wrapping I bought it in. It’s up for sale to the highest bidder. If your interested in buying it just leave a comment and the amount you’d pay for such a painting. If u want more pictures or info etc.. just send me an email at 🙂