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Don’t Forget To Comment!!!

February 6, 2006

It’s nice to know that my site is getting more and more popular, though one thing people tend to forget is that THERE IS A COMMENT SECTION 😛 right under any post click on comments, wether it says “be the first” or “(a number) comments”. Either way, you can leave a comment. Just leave your feedback or let me know what YOU want to see on the site. I’ll try my best to give everybody what they want. Remember, there is a HUGE amount of topics I can post about and I won’t stick to just one thing.

Anyways thanks for visiting the site, Aziz Hayat 🙂

PS: I dont care about the language (english/arabic) is used or wether you keep it clean or load it with swears 😛 Just please don’t leave anything offensive to other people. I don’t wana be in the middle of somebody’s “business” 🙂 Enjoy the site!!!