Don’t Forget To Comment!!!

It’s nice to know that my site is getting more and more popular, though one thing people tend to forget is that THERE IS A COMMENT SECTION 😛 right under any post click on comments, wether it says “be the first” or “(a number) comments”. Either way, you can leave a comment. Just leave your feedback or let me know what YOU want to see on the site. I’ll try my best to give everybody what they want. Remember, there is a HUGE amount of topics I can post about and I won’t stick to just one thing.

Anyways thanks for visiting the site, Aziz Hayat 🙂

PS: I dont care about the language (english/arabic) is used or wether you keep it clean or load it with swears 😛 Just please don’t leave anything offensive to other people. I don’t wana be in the middle of somebody’s “business” 🙂 Enjoy the site!!!

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6 Comments on “Don’t Forget To Comment!!!”

  1. unknown Says:

    i hope your blog get more popular by the time 🙂

    but how about the theme and design of your blog , i thing you must change few things for better reading

    like your font size , split each post with simple line (for example), if you write more than one line make this lines equaly have the same number of letters to ease of reading

    take for example mark blog ( one of the best blog for eye candy and ease of reading

    that make the visitors stick with your blog more through days

    finaly thanks for your great blog 🙂

  2. what a nice intresting blog you have. it is really cool becuase you post on a lot of diffrent topics, and they are all intresting. no boring things here. keep it up, 18years.

  3. No one nowz Says:


  4. dorin Says:

    i was here 🙂

  5. Moody Says:

    lol hey ure blog roxxors ;

  6. I was lured in by the bright colors, and they did smell pretty delicious, but I could go into the Yankee Candle store for the same reasons and probably still find something more palatable than these atrocities. I tasted each flavor, but couldn’t bring myself to finish one whole twist. Gross. Come on

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