The Roof


Whenever I’m checking out a building, one of the main attractions of that building is the view from the roof. I’m obsessed with checking out stuff from a distance or from an incredible height. I always check out the roofs of houses and building, my favorite being the roof of the Empire State Building in New York, gorgeous view from up there. At school, when I have absolutely nothing else to do and no homework to copy, I head to the roof (with my iPod blasting Van Halen of course). The door, made of mainly metal bars, is locked, so you have to jump the barrier. It’s nothing special up there, though it is empty and quiet and you get an OK mini-view of Hawalli. Hey, it’s better than the noisy hallways! 🙂

Click the pic above for a better shot (quality isn’t great, I used my phone cam). You can see just how deserted the roof really is. Calmest place in school for sure 🙂

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