The Actual Danish Caricatures Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


These are the actual caricatures published by the Danish newspaper the Jyllands-Posten that started this whole Denmark boycott ordeal. Click on the pics to get a better view. They will pay for this in the end. My political forecast is telling me there’s terrorism in the higher red zones with a slight chance of terrorist bombs in Denmark. Damn it Jyllands-Posten, just fucking appologize already!!!

The photo on the left is the caricature republished by a French newspaper in which Jesus is telling Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) that it’s ok that he has been caricatured. The photo in the middle was the original caricature published back in September by the Jyllands-Posten depicting The Prophet (PBUH) in many illustrations. The photo on the right is a pencil shaped like a mosque minnaret writing “I will not draw Muhammed (PBUH)” in a way that the writing is actually drawing him.

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7 Comments on “The Actual Danish Caricatures Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)”

  1. demonus Says:


  2. Rahul M Says:

    Just watch out. You could get a lot of hate comments

  3. unknown Says:

    what if the usa made another Caricatures Of Muhammad, do we need to BOYCOTT ?? its near impossible if not impossible

  4. FUck u danisH mother fucker .. u piece of crap .. mother fucking asshole ..ass nigga .. mother FUCKiNG aMG ..

  5. U danish coW .. mother FuckerR .. u piece of shit .. u bastard piece of shit.. ill fuck u and the danish society u piece of cum motha fucking bastard … AMG mother FuckeR!!!!!!! Fuck u and ur hot mother u fucking bitch.. ill have sex with your mother the cow aka the whore.

  6. Blastah Says:

    So you people are only proving right what the west has been thinking of us, and committing the same sin as everyone else in the world seems to be committing at the moment: blaming everyone for the actions of the few. Not all of us are subservients to our societies and cultures, some of us make up our own minds and treat people individually.
    same thing in the states after 9/11: some people did something and all of us arabs were to blame.
    come on people: don’t blame everyone for what a few incensitive idiots did.

  7. Ben Says:

    Boycott the muslims for boycotting the Danes.

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