I passed by Panasonic in Salmiya today and I couldn’t believe what I saw … THE FUCKING PAUL STANLEY KISS GUITAR!!!! The actual Ibanez model used by Paul Stanley of KISS was there for sale, for just 300 KD. I’m thinking of how to get that sorta money at the moment. What can I possibly sell???

Remember, donations for the musically needy are always welcome 🙂

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  1. Guitarzzz Says:

    WHOA!! Cool! 🙂

  2. charlie Says:

    woah shit, dropped by yest and they let us jam on the guitars. yea, 300 kd, thts a steal!

  3. that is the best guitar ever its fuckin sweet

  4. Bader Says:

    dude i wann buy an esp, bc rich, or jackson, in kuwait but i cant find shit here.Do u know any guitar places besides Al Dawlia, Panasonic, and Al Alamiah?

  5. sean Says:

    i have guitars for sale ! bc rich warlock bronze \ platinum , and esp ltd ex 260 titanuim finish contact me or 9243732

  6. 7amood Says:

    dude i have an esp kh-602 and it better than this shitty guitar i tried this one in alyousifi in 7awali but my esp is better but its sad that they dont sell esp guitars in kuwait and i think this the best guitar you can find here in kuwait but the thing im searching for right now is an marshall amplifier but al-duwaliya used to sell them and they stopped selling them i dont know why they stopped :@ if any one here can tell me where i can find a marshall amplifier please respond

  7. way fucking cool!!

  8. essa Says:

    im from kuwait and i need an Elec guitar but i dont know where i can find a guitar shop , HELP

  9. Tom Storm Says:

    I regret to inform you….that’s not a Paul Stanley model. It IS an Ibanez ICEMAN, but NOT his signature series. Those are priced in the thousands. That looks like the IC400 model which is still a steal at that price. Usually about $800. Paul’s guitar has the famous star on the tail piece and a pickguard….
    I WANT IT!

  10. Desert_Band Says:

    Haha screw the guitars they sell in Kuwait. Me and my band buy our gear from outside Kuwait. It’s the only way to go pro.

  11. hitch Says:

    hey guys i have ibanez jem 7vwh steve vai guitar for sale
    contact me if interested

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