Musician … Anybody … ?

Is anybody out there a musician? Play any sort of instrument. In a few days time, it’ll be the one year anniversary of musicianhood (if thats even a real word). I’ve been playing guitar for a while now. Is anybody else out there a guitarist? Know any great guitar places in Kuwait. All comments are welcome …

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4 Comments on “Musician … Anybody … ?”

  1. WindWalker Says:

    Hmm, one infront of Muhalab, big-ass one in virgin mega-store in Marina.

    oh and Al-Alamyah.

    in Australia, my gibson (1,440 AUD) rocks this planet.

  2. 18years Says:

    Yeah man I got myself a Les Paul when i was in the states, and I agree, those guitars really do rock the planet!

    Keep Rockin’ …

  3. ABC Says:

    I have heard you play and i think u r awesome! Rock on!!!

  4. Desert_Band Says:

    Yeah I play vocals and lead guitars in my band. We play Death Metal/Thrash Metal/Black Metal sort of styles, we’ll focus on more old school Death Metal in the future but right now we’re just experimenting with everything that is true Metal.

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