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Posted February 6, 2006 by 18years
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It’s nice to know that my site is getting more and more popular, though one thing people tend to forget is that THERE IS A COMMENT SECTION 😛 right under any post click on comments, wether it says “be the first” or “(a number) comments”. Either way, you can leave a comment. Just leave your feedback or let me know what YOU want to see on the site. I’ll try my best to give everybody what they want. Remember, there is a HUGE amount of topics I can post about and I won’t stick to just one thing.

Anyways thanks for visiting the site, Aziz Hayat 🙂

PS: I dont care about the language (english/arabic) is used or wether you keep it clean or load it with swears 😛 Just please don’t leave anything offensive to other people. I don’t wana be in the middle of somebody’s “business” 🙂 Enjoy the site!!!


The Lebanese Protestors Torched The Danish Embassy

Posted February 5, 2006 by 18years
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Click on the photo for a clearer image.

BEIRUT, Lebanon – Thousands of Muslims rampaged Sunday in Beirut, setting fire to the Danish Embassy, burning Danish flags and lobbing stones at a Maronite Catholic church as violent protests spread over caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

Troops fired bullets into the air and used tear gas and water cannons to push the crowds back after a small group of Islamic extremists tried to break through the security barrier outside the embassy.

Demonstrators attacked policemen with stones and set fire to several fire engines, witnesses said. Black smoke was seen billowing from the area. 

The Roof

Posted February 5, 2006 by 18years
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Whenever I’m checking out a building, one of the main attractions of that building is the view from the roof. I’m obsessed with checking out stuff from a distance or from an incredible height. I always check out the roofs of houses and building, my favorite being the roof of the Empire State Building in New York, gorgeous view from up there. At school, when I have absolutely nothing else to do and no homework to copy, I head to the roof (with my iPod blasting Van Halen of course). The door, made of mainly metal bars, is locked, so you have to jump the barrier. It’s nothing special up there, though it is empty and quiet and you get an OK mini-view of Hawalli. Hey, it’s better than the noisy hallways! 🙂

Click the pic above for a better shot (quality isn’t great, I used my phone cam). You can see just how deserted the roof really is. Calmest place in school for sure 🙂

Forgotten Pictures Of Famous People

Posted February 4, 2006 by 18years
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Here are some pictures most celebrities wish were never taken. Just comes to show you how people change over the years. Sometime for the better, sometimes for the worst…
Click Here To See What I Mean

The Actual Danish Caricatures Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Posted February 4, 2006 by 18years
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These are the actual caricatures published by the Danish newspaper the Jyllands-Posten that started this whole Denmark boycott ordeal. Click on the pics to get a better view. They will pay for this in the end. My political forecast is telling me there’s terrorism in the higher red zones with a slight chance of terrorist bombs in Denmark. Damn it Jyllands-Posten, just fucking appologize already!!!

The photo on the left is the caricature republished by a French newspaper in which Jesus is telling Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) that it’s ok that he has been caricatured. The photo in the middle was the original caricature published back in September by the Jyllands-Posten depicting The Prophet (PBUH) in many illustrations. The photo on the right is a pencil shaped like a mosque minnaret writing “I will not draw Muhammed (PBUH)” in a way that the writing is actually drawing him.

Weather’s A Beauty, Ain’t It?

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I was upstairs in our workout room when I noticed the weather outside. I wouldn’t be surprised if it started raining soon. We could use a little rain, besides last night, it hasn’t rained in a while now. I took a few pics with my cell phone, it was around 9 AM at the time, click on the pics to get a bigger image.

Rain Rain Rain

Posted February 3, 2006 by 18years
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According to, we’re expecting next week to be a very wet one. Check it out yourselves:-